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Product Name : RCH-1000
Product Description
220V×1ph AC
Product Introduction

Load Chain

G80 load chain is case hardened and has a high resistence to wear and corrosion.

Longer lifts are available per requirement.

Breaking load limit with more than 5 times of rated load.

Use Japanese chain F.E.C



Load hook is forged carbon steel hook with heavy-duty hook latch. Thrust bearing in hook allows 360° rotation to prevent twisting of load chain. Top Hook, for hook suspended hoists is rigid.


Push Button Control

Compact design enable one-handed operation. Rated IP64 protection.

Emergency stop button is included. Push button cable has strain relief to prevent cable damage.


Load sheave / chain guide

Full floating chain guide assures proper engagement of chain on load sheave.

Features 4 or 5 pockets for better distribution of the load.



Specially designed mini-bush motor that has a long lifetime and low shakiness, also allows for high speed operation.


Gear box / Oil Lubrication

Special clutch box-automatically switch to dry-run for over load (Exceeding maximum or minimal limit) and stop the up and down operation.



Braking : Dual braking system combines mechanical plus regenerative braking. Provides instant and safe braking


Housing : Lightweight, cast aluminum alloy

Friction clutch : A high performance and durability friction clutch that is integrated with the load brake. This design is to slip in order to prevent overloading and over travel that could damage the hoist.


Chain : Designed and manufactured by FEC, Japan, grade 80 alloy steel with resistance and long life service.


Loading sheave : Provide smooth lifting reduce vibration and wear.


Gearing : Precision machined gears heat treated for strength and durability. The ball or needle bearings at all rotating points run in oil bath lubrication for a quieter, smoother and cooler operation.


Chain bag : The vinyl chain bag container is provided standard with hoist.


Switch : Simply layout of the control with 3M power cable as standard and emergency stop as option.


Usage :

Fit for various workplace applications, such as general factories, warehouse, construction, plumbing, and agriculture industries.

Designed for unique rigging applications encountered at small venues, lightweight quiet, and portable. Operates on 220V-240V, which means you can plug it in just about anywhere.

Model Load Speed Motor Voltage Lift Chain Chain falls line Braking methods Reversal Rating Net weight Gross weight
RCH-1000 1000kg 5.4M 2500w 110-120V 220V50/60HZ 3 (6) Φ7.1×20.2 1 Electromagnetic brake mechanical brake 30%ED 150 loop/time 26 29