Welcome to TAIWAN Chi Yeah Industrial CO., Ltd.

Adhere to Quality,Continuous Improvement,Customer Satisfaction.

Our company has always been and will keep following our enterprise mission focused on giving our customers top of the line lifting gear by designing, manufacturing, and delivering leading quality hoisting equipment, including winches and peripheral accessories that will greatly enhance our customers’ productivity through their fully utilized manpower and optimally allocated machine resources.

Years of valuable experience accumulated from designing and manufacturing winches and hoists for our customers have helped us increase our capability and capacity to conduct non-stop research and develop new models of equipment. By always adhering to our company mission of constantly advancing our technology and product quality, we have built a superior team that is fully dedicated to total quality control and professional manufacturing. Our efforts guarantee up-to-date designs and quality of all models of equipment to meet our customers’ ever-changing demand in this ever changing world of technology.

The attached catalog displays our main lines of products for you to choose from and reference when looking for ways to enhance your productivity.