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Product Name : KS-300
Product Description
110V or 220V-240V×1ph AC
Product Introduction


1.Light weight and compact design allows easy installation and mounting convenience.
2.Machine automatically stop when upper or lower limiters are reached or wire rope is under wounded.
3.Electromagnetic and mechanical brake provide no slip service.
4.It operates on household power supply.
5.360° universal joint saddle hook with safety latch can ensure safety when using.
6.Installation of solenoid can provide more stable electric current and enhance service life.

Capacity(kg) 300
Lifting speed m/min First layer 9
Top layer 14
Motor kw × A 110V 1.5X13
220V-240V 1.5×6.5
Braking methods For motor Electromagnetic brake
For gear Mechanical brake
Maximum Lifting height m 29
Wire rope Φ mm×m 5×30
Net weight kg 16
Gross weight kg 23


Winches are not to be used for the moving of persons.



Each new winch is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve months from date of purchase.

Wire ropes are not included under warranty.



Specification of Accessories:

Weight hook K-11

Pendent switch K-81/K-82B

Switch cord 1.25mm²×3C×30m
Power lead 2mm²×3C×4.5m