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Product Name : GG-3500
Product Description

220V-380V-440V×3ph AC

Product Introduction


Heavy duty high efficiency ball bearings on all running surfaces

Electromagnetic spring-applied fail safe brake

Planetary gearing for maximum mechanical efficiency

Fabricated steel drum

Enclosed drum flanges to prevents ropes becoming trapped between drum and support castings quietrunning

Supplied on steel base plate ready to mount

Capacity(kg) 3500
Lifting speed m/min First layer 12
Top layer 19
Motor hp × poles 15×4
Maximum lifting height m 145
Wire rope Φ mm×m 18×150
Net weight kg 550
Gross weight kg 600


Winches are not to be used for the moving of persons.



Each new winch is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve months from date of purchase.

Wire ropes are not included under warranty.


Standard Accessories:

Wire rope w/safety hook

Switch cord 1.25mm² × 3C  × 10m

Power lead 14mm² ×  4C × 1m

Pendant switch K-81

Base plate


Optin Accessories:

Remote control K-81A assembly

Model Mounting bolt pattern D E I M K R
GG-3500 740 830 1439 847 680 560 405 273 4-Φ30