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Product Name : CX-2000
Product Description
220V-380V-415V-440V×3ph AC
Product Introduction


Operated by powerful pull rotor using magnetic force, it is cone type brake. It has brake lining clearance adjustent function that maximize the lifetime of brake lining.


Load Chain

G80 load chain is case hardened and has a high resistence to wear and corrosion.

Longer lifts are available per requirement.

Breaking load limit with more than 5 times of rated load.

Use Japanese chain F.E.C


Load hook is forged carbon steel hook with heavy-duty hook latch. Thrust bearing in hook allows 360° rotation to prevent twisting of load chain. Top Hook, for hook suspended hoists is rigid.

Push Button Control

Compact design to enable one-handed operation. Rated IP64 protection.

Emergency stop button is included. Push button cable has strain relief to prevent cable damage.

Load sheave / chain guide

Full floating chain guide assures proper engagement of chain on load sheave.

Features 4 or 5 pockets for better distribution of the load.

Gear box / Oil Lubrication

Special clutch box-automatically switch to dry-run for over load (Exceeding maximum or minimual limit ) and stop the up and down operation.

Heavy-Duty Hoist Motor

The hoist motor is high torque design and is rated 30-minute duty. Class B motor insulation and standard thermal motor protection is included.



Easy dissemble and assemble of trolley which accelerate you application speed.

The transmission gear is grinded, heat treated and pitch process to achieve silent run.

The unit and trolley are ultra slim design to rise the track to maximum height, increase the lifting distance and height.

Various type of suspension design available which can be case design for different places.

The drilling and milling processing of the unit and trolley are conducted of large lathe which ensure high precision and stability of machine.

The design of trollry and distal are triangle plate make aesthetic installation.

SPECIFICATIONS (H) In quotes means lift measure
Model Capacity (ton) Lift (M) Hoisting Speed (m/min) Hoisting Motor (kw) Chain Dia. *Pitch Chain Falls Line Control Voltage Power Source Min. Raidus Curvature(m) Approx. Weight(kg)
50hz 60hz 50hz 60hz
CX-2000 2 3(6) 3.5 4.2 1.8 Φ7.1×20.2 2 24V 3Φ 220/380/415/440V 50/60HZ 1.5 100
Model Approx. Dimension (MM)
CX-2000 245 110 263 45 665