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Product Name : CW-500T
Product Description
220V-380V-415V-440V×3ph AC
Product Introduction


The transverse motor is equipped with high braking brake which ensure stable start and stop of motor.

The drilling and milling processing of the unit and trolley are conducted of large lathe which ensure high precision and stability of machine.

The unit and trolley are ultra slim desigh to rise the track to maximum height, increase the lifting distance and height.

The transverse motor start stably to ensure minimal wobbing of the lifted heavy subject which need protection during traveling.

The design of trolley minimize the quantity of parts for easy installing save time and keep wrong away.

The design of trolley and distal are triangle plate make aesthetic installation


SPECIFICATIONS (H) In quotes means lift measure
Model Capacity (ton) Lift (M) Hoisting Speed (m/min) Hoisting Motor (kw) Traversing Speed (m/min) Traversing Motor (kw) Chain Dia. *Pitch-No. Control Voltage Power Source Min. Raidus (m) Approx. Weight(kg)
50hz 60hz 50hz 60hz 50hz 60hz 50hz 60hz
CW-500T 0.5 3(6) 4.8 6 0.7 0.75 20 24 0.1 0.12 Φ6.3×19.1 24V 3Φ 220/380/415/440V 50/60HZ 1.2 49(52)
Model Approx Dimension (MM)
A B C D Beam (150×75×5.5) Beam (200×100×7) Beam (250×125×7.5) Beam (300×150×8)
CW-500T 200 210 216 35 H 435 C 245 D 180 H 435 C 258 D 180 H 432 C 271 D 180 H        C       D